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Vị Trí Tuyển Dụng
Địa Điểm

Location :  District 3, HCMC/ 22 Mai Anh Tuan, Hanoi

Salary :  Negotiable

Career Level :  Intern – Fulltime

Working Time :  8.30am – 6.00pm, Mon – Fri

Email your CV to : /


Job Description:

  • Develop content direction and details for fanpage management, brand website, editorials.
  • Create and publish engaging content.
  • Edit, proofread and improve writers’ posts.
  • Liaise with media publisher to ensure brand consistency in editorial content.
  • Manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic.

What you will learn:

  • How social media strategies are created.
  • How to tailor articles for dedicated audiences so they’re compelled to share them.
  • How to create multimedia content that is highly engaged with by the audience.
  • Analyse social media strategies and individual posts.
  • Report progress through use of analytics and stats.

Key skills: 

  • MS Office
  • Good social media knowledge
  • Good at writing skill
  • Good organizational and time-management skills


  • Get paid for the internship.
  • Learn and have real-world experience in the dynamic & creative environment.
  • Participate in parties, company team building.
  • Have the opportunity to become a full-time employee.
  • Training course and cross-training workshops among companies of Media Ventures Vietnam.